Alice In Chains Concert Review for the Loyal Fans

Alice in Chains has had a huge impact on music history. Here's my NYC concert review, as it was written in 2006, when they reformed!

The Warmup

In my first year living in New York, I had the great pleasure of seeing live one of the best bands in all of rock n’ roll history: Alice in Chains.

As I arrived at the Nokia Theater, "Whale and Wasp" was playing in the background. This incredible instrumental song from Jar of Flies, an EP that was written and recorded in one week, set the stage. Moreover, Jar of Flies was the first EP in history to debut at # 1 on the Billboard Rankings

The Beginning

After a countdown from 10, Alice in Chains started with an aggressive version of Again (hey, let me do it again, yeah!).

If I had any doubts about the reformed band, they all disappeared as soon as William DuVall, Alice in Chains new lead singer, took the stage. Indeed, his voice is very similar to the irreplaceable Layne Staley. DuVall was supported by guitarist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, and bassist Mike Inez. 

The show included practically all Alice in Chains’ hits. To begin with, an electric set including Bleed the Freak, Grind, It Ain't Like That, Junkhead, and a very emotional rendition of Nutshell.

The band continued with Them Bones, Dam That River, and Rain When I Die. 

At this point, the entrance was already paid for. 

But there was still more!


The Acoustic Set

Alice in Chains returned with an acoustic set including Don't Follow, Brother, No Excuses, Killer is Me, I Stay Away, Got Me Wrong, and Down in a Hole.

A moving intermission showcased a compilation of Layne Staley videos made the audience take a trip down memory lane.

More electric Alice in Chains

And yet some more! Afterwards, they returned to continue stirring the masses with We Die Young, Heaven Beside You, Angry Chair, and Man in The Box. 

Does this end here? 

Nope. As an encore, Alice in Chains y ended up with Dirt, Rooster, and Would. It really was one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life.

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