Alice In Chains Live Albums for the Longtime Followers

Alice In Chains has left an indelible mark on the world of live music.

In the heart of the grunge movement that reverberated through the early 1990s, AIC's live performances stood out as a testament to the raw power of its music and the emotional depth of its lyrics.

A pillar band of the alternative rock scene, Alice in Chains, carved its legacy beyond studio albums.

1. Live

Alice In Chains live album with drummer sean kinney

Release Date: December 5, 2000

Venues: Moore Theatre (Seattle, Washington), Glasgow Barrowland (Glasgow, UK), Nagoya (Japan), Kiel Center (St. Louis, Missouri), Kemper Arena (Kansas City, Missouri), and Dallas, Texas.


"Live" is a live album by Alice In Chains, recorded at several venues including the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington, on December 22, 1990.

The performance captured on this album showcases the band at the peak of their power, delivering a raw and intense live experience that Alice In Chains was known for.


  1. Bleed the Freak
  2. Queen of the Rodeo
  3. Angry Chair
  4. Man in the Box
  5. Love, Hate, Love
  6. Rooster
  7. Would?
  8. Junkhead
  9. Dirt (Drunk and Disorderly version)
  10. Them Bones
  11. God Am
  12. Again
  13. A Little Bitter
  14. Dam That River

The album features a mix of tracks from their previous studio albums, including "Facelift", Dirt", and "Alice in Chains."

The performance highlights the band's ability to deliver emotionally charged and introspective songs with a raw and powerful edge, capturing the essence of their unique grunge and alternative metal sound.


"Live" captures the band's live energy and showcases their ability to translate their studio sound into a live setting. Live includes five songs ("Them Bones", "God Am", "Again", "A Little Bitter" and "Dam That River") from the band's final two shows with vocalist Layne Staley.


The album received positive reviews from both critics and fans, praised for its capturing of the band's live prowess. "Live" is often lauded for its emotional intensity, making it a valuable addition to the catalog of any Alice In Chains fan.

2. MTV Unplugged

the band released a studio album with lead vocals

Release Date: July 30, 1996
Recorded: April 10, 1996
Venue: Majestic Theatre (Brooklyn, New York)


"MTV Unplugged" is a live acoustic album by Alice In Chains, recorded as part of the MTV Unplugged series. The performance was recorded at the Majestic Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, on April 10, 1996, and the album was released on July 30, 1996.

This unplugged session showcased a different side of Alice In Chains, featuring stripped-down arrangements that highlighted the band's songwriting and vocal harmonies.


  1. Program Start
  2. Nutshell
  3. Brother
  4. No Excuses
  5. Sludge Factory
  6. Down in a Hole
  7. Angry Chair
  8. Rooster
  9. Got Me Wrong
  10. Heaven Beside You
  11. Would?
  12. Frogs
  13. Over Now
  14. Killer Is Me

The tracklist includes acoustic renditions of some of the band's most iconic songs, as well as a deeper cuts, creating an emotionally charged atmosphere.


"MTV Unplugged" is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and memorable performances in the MTV Unplugged series. The album captures the band's ability to adapt their heavy oriented sound into an acoustic setting, revealing the depth and emotional resonance of their songwriting.

This performance marked a departure from the band's usual electric sound and showcased its versatility as musicians.


The "MTV Unplugged" performance by Alice In Chains remains a pivotal moment in the band's history and a testament to their musical prowess. The stripped-down versions of their songs highlight the vulnerability that were characteristic of their music.

The album received critical acclaim and is often praised for its emotional intensity, making it a cherished release among fans of Alice In Chains.

3. Live Facelift

AIC hard rock solo album + demo tapes with bassist mike starr

Release Date: Original VHS release on July 30, 1991
Reissued on Vinyl: November 25, 2016 (Record Store Day's Black Friday event) and September 15, 2017 (limited edition red vinyl)
Venue: The Moore Theatre (Seattle, Washington)


"Live Facelift" is a captivating concert video and live album by the iconic American rock band Alice in Chains. Originally released on VHS on July 30, 1991, this release showcases the band's powerful live performance, featuring tracks from their debut album, "Facelift".

The recording captures the band's gritty and raw energy on stage, providing a vivid representation of the grunge sound that defined an era.


  1. Man in the Box
  2. Real Thing
  3. Love, Hate, Love
  4. Sea of Sorrow
  5. Bleed the Freak
  6. We Die Young
  7. Man in the Box
  8. Sea of Sorrow

Performance Details

Recorded at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on December 22, 1990, "Live Facelift" presents Alice in Chains at an early but pivotal point in their career.

The concert captures the essence of the Seattle music scene that was becoming a global phenomenon, and the venue's intimate setting allows the band's dynamic stage presence to shine through.

Reissues and Limited Editions

In a nod to both nostalgia and the resurgence of vinyl appreciation, "Live Facelift" was reissued on vinyl. On November 25, 2016, it became part of Record Store Day's Black Friday event, with a limited issuance of only 5,000 copies.

This vinyl release gave fans a chance to experience the concert in an analog format, rekindling the vintage feel of the early '90s. On September 15, 2017, a special limited edition of "Live Facelift" was released on red vinyl, limited to only 1000 copies.

Each copy came with a special commemorative poster, making it a collector's delight.

Extra: The Nona Tapes

aic metal band write good music - staley's heroin addiction

Release Date: August 10, 1995
Format: VHS


"The Nona Tapes" is a unique and often overlooked mockumentary release by the iconic rock band Alice In Chains. Instead of doing an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), a common marketing tool in the '90s, Alice in Chains took the money from Columbia and made this mockumentary. This collection offers fans a humorous glimpse into the band's behind-the-scenes world, featuring candid moments and inside jokes.


  1. Brush Away (Excerpt 1)
  2. Brush Away (Excerpt 2)
  3. Over Now (Excerpt 1)
  4. Over Now (Excerpt 2)
  5. Grind (Excerpt)
  6. Over Now (Excerpt 3)
  7. Head Creeps
  8. Heaven Beside You
  9. Grind (Music Video)
  10. Heaven Beside You (Outtake footage)


The video is structured as a compilation of footage captured by the band members themselves. This collection showcases the off-stage dynamics of Alice In Chains, offering a more personal perspective that contrasts with their often intense and heavy musical style.

Through a series of short segments, the band members engage in playful interactions, share insights, and provide a lighter side of their personalities.

"Nona" refers to Nona Weisbaum, who is actually Jerry Cantrell disguised as a female journalist. Nona interviews his bandmates playing fictionalized versions of themselves during a car ride in Seattle. Layne Staley, the band's enigmatic lead vocalist, is prominently featured throughout the tapes.

The videos highlight the camaraderie between band members and their humorous interactions, presenting a different dimension to the group.


"The Nona Tapes" stands as a unique artifact in Alice In Chains' discography, offering a more personal connection between the band and their fans. It is a departure from the traditional concert releases and studio albums, allowing fans to see the band members in unscripted and unfiltered moments.

Despite being less widely known compared to the band's major studio albums and music videos, "The Nona Tapes" holds a special place in the hearts of devoted Alice In Chains fans who appreciate this candid and lighthearted portrayal of their favorite musicians.

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